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Red Thread

Red Thread seems to be a perennial problem every summer for our lawns here in London. This disease starts by the lawn looking at first glance as if it has a little thatch in some patches. One of those "yellow patches" that sometimes just appears on the lawn. It's worth being vigilant and getting down on your hands and knees though and really checking that there is no slight red tinge to the patches as this indicates Red Thread. Catch it early to stop it taking over the whole lawn.

The infected plants will largely lose any green colour leaving you with those yellowing patches on the lawn. The sward will also have small red tendrils coming out from both stem and leaf leaving it with a red tinge. At the height of its attack, little bright pink ‘balls’ are formed and these are very recognisable – like tiny patches of candy floss.

This disease should improve with the addition of nitrogen, but can spread very easily and quickly but a very effective fungicide treatment is available which should suppress the fungus and stop it spreading immediately. The damage to the sward (i.e. the yellowing off) will unfortunately remain - which is why it is so good to catch it early - until the grass plant has grown out the damaged section - this can be up to a month later.

Prevention is better than cure and we have introduced a fungus prevention programme for those clients that are particularly prone to it as it is such a terrible shame for the lawn to look unhappy during the summer months.

Of course, if you spot red thread in your lawn or if you suspect you might have it do give us a call (if you are in our area) and we will come as quickly as we can and apply an appropriate treatment for you.

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