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9 Reasons why Aerating Lawns Makes Sense

We think that Aeration it is one of the very best things one can do for the lawn (apart from mowing properly of course!). Sometimes called spiking, or tining, aeration does not have an instant, visible impact on the lawn but it does have these other great benefits:

  1. Relief of Compaction: Over time, and with regular mowing and use the soil particles under the surface of the grass are slowly squashed together to form an impenetrable layer. This hard layer which is formed which not only makes it difficult for the grass plants to grow properly, Grass plant roots grow and regenerate not in the soil itself but in the spaces between the soil particles.

  2. Aeration encourages new root growth: New space between the soil particles actively encourages the grass roots to develop and the better the root system the healthier the grass plant.

  3. It also increases grass rooting depth: Deep rooted grass plants are stronger and are more resistant to drought

  4. Stimulation of increased nutrient uptake: improved nutrient uptake means you then get the best out of any further treatments especially fertilisation.

  5. Reduction of the build up of thatch below the surface: aeration stimulates the microbes that help to reduce thatch. Of course hollow tining also actually removes a core of soil and with it makes holes in the thatch layer helping to break it up.

  6. Better infiltration rate of water into the soil: aeration reduces surface water by increasing percolation of rainwater deeper into the soil.

  7. Improvement of surface drainage: aeration stops the lawn from getting so muddy by taking water away from the surface of the lawn.

  8. Aeration Facilitates gaseous exchange between the soil and atmosphere: increasing activity of microbes which improve the grass plants performance and actually getting oxygen down into the grass rootzone.

  9. Stimulation of the soil borne microbes and their activity which are so important in creating a healthy soil.

As you can see we are pretty passionate about aeration and believe that all lawns should have some aeration annually. Family lawns or those that see a lot of action (with dogs for example) should think about having it more often.

Aeration forms the cornerstone of our basic programmes and although we can do this all year round as long as the ground is not frozen or waterlogged, aeration is often something we like to do over the winter months to prepare our lawns for the onset of Spring.

If you think you would like to give your lawn a real treat this year do get in touch!

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