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"Winterising" your Lawn

Winter lawn care always seems to be something that gets rather missed off the gardener's calendar, but there are some things that we can do now to improve our lawns for next summer - always with the goal in mind of a lush green sward next June... (something I find myself hankering after as soon as the Christmas and New Year celebrations are over).

Our experience of looking after lawns for almost 10 years tells me that one of the best things that one can do for the lawn in winter is to aerate it. Aeration allows moisture to drain away from the surface of the lawn properly and it helps the grass plant to increase root mass. In addition, in the spring, the aeration helps to allow nutrients and oxygen to reach the root zone. N.B. The lawn should be soft but not boggy for this or you will simply add to the compaction

Winter is also a time to just try to keep a check on the moss (a constant battle for so many of our clients lawns). We halt moss growth in its tracks by applying a moss control and a lawn tonic mid winter meaning that the moss does not have a chance to just romp away between now and March and grass remains in the best shape possible despite poor conditions.

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