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Lawn Care Frequently Asked Questions...

Detailed below are some of the questions that our clients have asked us in the past. Should your question not appear amongst those below simply call 020 8417 1752 or email


Will it cost me for you to come and have a look?

No. We’ll give you a FREE, no obligation lawn analysis – which should you decide to use our services will form the basis of a bespoke treatment for your lawn.


When is the best time to start a lawn care regime?


Now! We offer a treatment programme which can start at any time of the year, so get in touch straight away for results as soon as possible!


How quickly will I start to see results?
You will see a difference to your lawn after just one treatment! It can take a whole year to completely turn a lawn around. The results are cumulative - the longer you keep up the regime the better your lawn will be.


Can you treat lawns that look beyond help?

Very few lawns are untreatable, why not ask us to come and do a full lawn analysis to get to the root of your lawn problems.


Do I have to sign up for a full year-round programme?

No, although we recommend a year round programme we don’t make you sign a contract. We ask you to simply pay as you go.


Will any of the chemicals you use harm pets or children?


None of the chemicals that we use in your garden could be described as toxic if they are applied in the correct way. All of our staff are properly trained and qualified to apply herbicides according to the government’s regulations.


Can I use your services if I already have a gardener?


Certainly. Many of our clients have gardeners already and although they often mow and tend to the lawn they do not have our specialist knowledge about lawn care. We are happy to work around your gardener and attend on a day where we will not disturb your day-to-day garden maintenance.


Can you help with on going lawn maintenance?


Yes. Once we have completed the regneration programme we revert to a maintenance programme to keep your lawn in good order. In addition we provide you with a series of aftercare services including lawn care tips and regular newsletters. We can even mow your lawn for you should you so wish.

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