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Aeration helps to alleviate the effects of compaction by introducing air back into the system and allows the grass plants to create a healthy root zone.


There are two types of aeration: Hollow Tining and Solid Tining (or Spiking).


Hollow Tine Aeration helps to punch through the thatch layer and eradicates the causes of moss by improving drainage. It is a recommended winter treatment for lawns with a soil base of clay, as we can improve soil structure by brushing a sandy top dressing into the soil surface to break up the heavy soil particles. The treatment removes small cores of turf (see photo) from the surface of the lawn. We then clear these up for you as they are rather unsightly and left on the lawn they can contribute to the thatch layer.


Solid Tine Aeration drives a solid spike into the lawn which punches holes through the surface of the lawn, this was traditionally done with a fork, but our machines make the whole process much easier and quicker!


Whilst the former is useful for helping to improve soil structure and in situations where the lawn is very compacted, the latter is less invasive and we have found to be a useful follow up treatment for family lawns that see a lot of traffic.

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