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We offer a specialist lawn care service – essentially taking the know-how from golf course management and re-working it to suit the domestic environment. A lot of the lawns that we take on initially are regeneration projects – so they are failing lawns for one reason or another and we turn them into something to be proud of: a lush, green and beautiful space.

Lawn Regeneration

A more sustainable option than turfing, we use a range of techniques to get lawns back in shape after years of neglect. We tackle very weedy lawns, very mossy lawns and lawns that are bare and lacking in colour and vigour.


We will advise on the root cause of the problems – be this shade from trees, mowing too infrequently, bad mowing practise (see my blog on mowing techniques), insect infestation and the knock on effect of damage from animals such as badgers or foxes, or soil structure.


Generally our programmes include:

Fertilisation and Weed Controls,

Moss Controls,


Aeration and

Top Dressing and Overseeding.

Maintenance Programmes

Once we have got the lawn back in shape we attend periodically to make sure that they stay looking good. Typically this results in four or five visits a year.


Fertilisation and Weed Controls: We design a bespoke programme of seasonal applications of fertilisers and selective herbicides to all of our customers; typically spring, early summer and autumn. This ensures that your grass has the right nutrient levels for a healthy deep green colour and a lush growth.


Lawn Problems: According to the condition and requirements of your lawn a programme will also include treatments for moss, fungal diseases, thatch, insect infestation, and compaction. We can also do spot treatments, should any of the problems prove particularly stubborn or pernicious.


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