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Thank you for visiting our website. London Lawn Care is changing in 2019 and is now offering a specialist lawn care consultancy service. We diagnose problems with failing lawns and put together a programme for you or your gardener to implement that will help you to get it back on track. 

With 15 years of running The London Lawn Care company Rosa has seen thousands of lawns and so will quickly be able to get to the root of your lawn's problems.

Ask a Lawn Care Question or Book a Consultation:

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Rosa will get back to you with her specialist advice...

Our Vision

We aim to give you the knowledge you need to create a lawn to be proud of. 

We will apply our expert knowledge and wealth of experience to give you all the insider tips that the professionals use to keep your lawn looking amazing.

Based in Wimbledon, we now aim to offer our consultancy services to lawns all over South West London. Do get in touch if you think you need specialist advice.

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